the problem with the mcrmy

  • MCRmy: Don’t bring up old shit! Who cares what Frank did a few years ago? You’re just stirring up drama!
  • MCRmy: Wow, check out this stunt Gerard pulled back in 2008. This is why I hate him. What a massive tool.
  • MCRmy: Ugh, Mikey’s a disgusting cheating dirtbag. I hate him so much.
  • MCRmy: Frank totally had an affair with Gerard. I love Frerard! I hope they ditch their wives and kids for each other.
  • MCRmy: You can’t say you dislike [Bob/Frank/Lyn-Z]! You’re just basing that on speculation!
  • MCRmy: I’ve always hated Gerard ever since I heard a bunch of vague rumors back in 2006...
  • MCRmy: Mikey’s a pervert and a pedophile for dating a 20-year-old. I’m surprised that his latest girlfriend is even legal.
  • MCRmy: “The Dove Keeper” is the greatest story ever written.
  • MCRmy: Don’t you dare say Frank’s made sexist tweets in the past! Stop being a social justice warrior!
  • MCRmy: Gerard’s such a sexist pig. Check out these old tweets. So problematic.
  • MCRmy: You have to like Lyn-Z! If you’re really a Gerard fan, you’d care about his whole family!
  • MCRmy: Mikey Way is a piece of shit lol.
  • MCRmy: Don’t criticize Bob or Frank! They can say whatever they want! Stop overreacting!
  • MCRmy: Gerard said WHAT?! Hang on, let me write a three-page tirade about how horrible he is.
  • MCRmy: Show everyone formerly in MCR love, dignity, and respect!
  • MCRmy: ...unless their names end in “Way.”